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How To Make Your Shoes Look like They Just Came Out Of The Box

We all have a favorite pair of shoes we wish would last till eternity, problem is they are short lived because we don’t take care of them well.

I have a pair of Kobe’s that have been siting on a shelf for 4 years and still look fresh. Not because I seldom wear them but because i make time to clean them occasionally even if i m not wearing them right away.

Basic rule of extending the life span of a pair of shoes is to always clean them after use. How?

1. As soon as I get into the house and take my shoes off the first thing I do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth, paying attention to detail. If they have white soles I use a little water and soap with a hard brush to get all the dirt out then clean them with a wet cloth.

2. Swab the insides with alcohol.

3. Dry them overnight, allows all the moisture to be sucked out before I put them back on the shoe rack.

NB: Always wear a pair of socks or sock liners to protect the insides of the shoe from perspiration which will cause bad odor.

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